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NOTICE: Contract re-signings are open. Email offers to:

Trading is OPEN. (*no traded player will have their ratings touched. no buybacks, no reviews. do it all first*)

Feel free to email your drop protection purchases or any questions about ratings. Not available to any player traded since we opened up the off-season.   (old ratings)

- Drop protection on PA/PC/SC for skaters 23 and under (if your player has aged to 24, they're eligible!)
- PA/PC/SC limited to -1, or -2 if stat was 77+
- Drops should have been automatically limited, if not email in your free bump up along with any buybacks
- You can buyback up to 2 points on each of these players, $1M per point

- Added: Drop protection for 23 & under Goalies-- return your G to their prior ratings, price is $500,000 to $2M depending on how far they fell.  Request your quote.- NOTE: As warned about last year, PA/PC would continue to see an adjustment downward. It was tougher this season. For the guys in the 70s that dropped, you may be better served saving your money and applying it elsewhere, or face a similar drop again without a better season


Toronto jumps from the middle of the pack to take 1st, Boston climbs to 2nd, last place Coyotes settle for 3rd overall.

By Wesley W


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