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Predatorial Editorial -- Cowan-bunga!

By Anthony Erickson

This is Bob Cobb coming to you from Rumors Sports Bar in downtown Nashville with a report on the Preds~

Well we're a wee bit past the quarter-pole of this FNHL season & some things have went well..   others have not. It's hard to be too concerned with a 13-6-5 start to your season, but it's been frustrating to see the team struggle to score goals.  Lines have been juggled & trades have been entertained, but at this point it appears that management is going to let things ride for a minute. We got a quick word with the team's GM regarding the current state of affairs in Pred-land...

" said it, Bob. With the exception of Brando (Dubinsky), we really just haven't put pucks into the net..  we're controlling the play most nights & putting pleeenty of shots on net..   so yeah, it'll come. Be patient, my man!! That's what I keep telling myself anyways..."  - GM Erickson

On that note, one player who hasn't had any problems tickling twine thus far is Brandon Dubinsky who has twice as many goals (14) as the next Predator. But with that in mind, maybe giving things time to run their natural course is the correct plan. As my grandpa Wynn used to say, "..over time, one can predict the Sim's unpredictability.."  Sure gramps..  like you ever played Sim hockey~

Until next time, we celebrate the hot start of our favorite hard-nosed D-master Jared Cowan (pictured above) -- he's on pace for a 75 point season. Cowan-bunga!! 

10/7/2023 - 258 words

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