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Predatorial Editorial -- Rental Time

By Anthony Erickson

This is Bob Cobb coming to you from Rumors Sports bar in downtown Nashville and I have another report on our beloved Preds~

Well, it's that time of year again folks..   that's right, Rental Time!  As the Trade Deadline grows near, the league will soon open up the annual 'rental-period' where teams can unload players on the final year of their contract and the acquiring team only pays 1/3 of the annual salary. For playoff contenders, it's a huge opportunity to beef up before the postseason and for teams who haven't had success this year..  it's a perfect chance to beef up their assets for the future. Gotta love it!

As expected, the Predators have been actively searching out potential trade partners in hopes of adding some extra 'oomph' before the Playoffs begin. Many would argue that the team is already good to go and there's no reason to unload futures..  but it sounds like GM Erickson disagrees with that point of view...

"...ohhh you know we'll bring in at least a couple fresh faces for the final push, Bob. Have we ever went through a rental period without doing something at least marginally tasty?! Rest assured, we have something in the works right now that will definitely excite the fans..   we won't be changing the lineup too much, but it'll change a bit..   we embrace change here, Bobby." - GM Erickson

With 3 solid first round picks in the upcoming FNHL draft, will we see the team move out one of those assets for a little late-season boost?  We shall see~

1/18/2023 - 266 words

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