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Disappointing Season Winding Down

By Dave Semyck

As we approach the final ten games in the season, the Blues find themselves in the bottom 10 in the league in points, a full 12 points out of a playoff spot. While 12 points isn’t a huge number of a season, the optimism shown as the season kicked off quickly disappeared, the Blues were never really in contention for one of those final playoff spots. This offseason will be more of the same, working to improve the younger players on the team, while possibly adding a few veteran players to help round out the roster. As we enter the 3rd off season of this re-build, how long will this go on before it can be determined that this rebuild isn’t working and a new direction needs to be taken? A franchise needs to be patient with younger players, but how much time is enough time to determine if they are going to be the stars they were anticipated to be when drafted? Those questions remain, when speaking with GM Dave Semyck, he stressed that these players are still young, most under the age of 22, so while he expected more out of this team this season, this is no time to hit the panic button and blow things up. Stay the course, send players to camp this offseason and improve the core. Especially the defense and goaltending, work to find forwards that will work well together and increase scoring. Cap space isn’t an issue, which creates flexibility in the off season. There are likely to be a few minor moves coming, but I wouldn’t anticipate any blockbuster changes, although you never know what will happen. Should be an interesting offseason. 

9/13/2021 - 280 words

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