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Rule, Cap & Contract Changes After CBA Renewed

By Wesley W

IT in Player Workouts

- It joins other stats with a 3
- Point 74 or more costs $1.25
- Point 64 or below costs $750,000

Escalating/Modified Contracts

- The
limit will be set at 4 (cannot tender contract offers if you have 4 or more modified ("M") players on your roster"
- Moratorium: For this and next off-season players in the last year of their contract will not have their status count to
your total. Following this, their status counts until their contract is up.
This doesn't mean you cannot trade for a player and go over the limit, trading
is always permitted. Being at or over the limit of 4 just means you cannot
tender contract offers to your own players or on free agency in modified
Players traded when they have 2 years remaining on their deal have their
modified status revoked. This protects the trade value of your player, and the
concept is the last year of the deal should not jam up the acquiring team when
they did not create the contract, as well as the benefit from moving salaries
being gone.
- Salary fluctuations are capped at 35%
year-to-year, 50% any year in the deal.

RFA Period Changes,
New Compensation Rates

- Modified contracts cannot be issued during the RFA bidding phase of the off-season.
- Windows raised, contract length limits added.

$1,232,439 or below: None  
(1-year contract max)
3rd (2-year contract max)
$1,867,333-$3,734,668: 2nd (3-year contract max)
$3,734,669-$5,601,999: 1st, 3rd (4-year contract max)
$5,602,000-$7,469,334: 1st, 2nd, 3rd (5-year contract max)
$7,469,335-$9,336,668: Two 1sts , 2nd, 3rd (6-year contract
4 1sts (7-year contract max)

Salary Cap
$72,000,000 next season

Minimum Salary

Is being raised to $500,000

Contract Length

A maximum of 10 years.

1/20/2021 - 283 words

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