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The votes are in. Expansion is a go!

FNHL to expand to 32 teams

By Jeff Nagle

Two expansion teams were granted for the 2026 season, one to Las Vegas and the other to Seattle. 

Here is what you need to know:

- All players 23 and under are exempt.

- Teams can protect either 7 F, 4 D, 1 G or 10 skaters and 2 G

- Expansion teams select 30 players each

- Each expansion team must take a player from each team

- No team can have more than 1 of their defensemen chosen
- Expansion teams can then draft up to 5 players each from the current free agent list (not upcoming free agents, the cast-off list guys)

- Every existing team gets 10 additional workout points in the offseason, with no more than 2 of those points used on any single player

- A coin toss will determine the first pick in the expansion draft.

- The winner of the expansion draft gets the 6th overall pick in the 2026 entry draft, while the losing team gets the 5th overall pick.

- Existing teams can make side deals with the expansion teams to avoid certain players.

Order of Off-Season:

Cup Awarded
Players Re-Rated, Players Age
Re-signings, Re-signings locked
Expansion Draft
Entry Draft
Free Agency

GM Selection:

Commissioner’s decision on whom fills what spot.

6/11/2020 - 205 words

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