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Klepis the Klepto?

By Peter Martin

Rags Add Offense at the Deadline

This is Bob Cobb coming to you from Rumors Sports Bar n Grill with another report on the boys in blue. With more active GMs on-board this season than most and lots of teams tightly battling for playoff positions, it was expected that the Trade Deadline would be a busy time. Well the league did not disappoint and loads of players changed their sweaters over the past week of FNHL action. Did the Rags make anything tasty happen? Well, of course they did. 

Though GM Erickson has been relatively quiet on the trade front since the start of the season, it was rumored that he was in talks to add offense by adding a Rental player or two. With a solid defensive core and great goaltending, it's been all too obvious that the Rags need something to jumpstart their scoring. While nothing is ever a guarantee in the FNHL, the team is confident that adding veteran forward Jakub Klepis to the team will spark the offense heading into the postseason. Klepis had been having a phenomenal season with Detroit before joining the Rangers and the early word is that he'll be slotted in on the 2nd line with Couturier and Omark. We got a quick word with Jakub.. 

"..well yes, I am very pleased, very happy to have good playoff chance.. the team needs to score more, and I like to score and help people score so..  yes, I think it is good fit." - Jakub Klepis

The fans have already started making weird posts online regarding the deal. Some have started a new nickname for Jakub..  and that's Klepis the Klepto. When I asked a group of youths 'why' they simply said..  'Simple. Klepis will help us steal the Cup from someone. He's a dirty klepto and we fkin love him for it!'

Yep, people are awfully odd here in NYC. I'm Bob Cobb.. and if I ever meet a hobbit, I would rob it~

7/6/2020 - 331 words

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