2024 Salary Cap: $67.7M

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Conference Standings

Eastern Conference
Washington 108200163720.8005003001008-2-0W2
Montreal 108200163522.8005004101008-2-0L1
Carolina 117400143335.6363301000006-4-0L2
NYIslander 105320123931.6003112200025-3-2W1
NYRangers 105501113028.5503204200105-5-0W3
Pittsburgh 104330113031.5504102220034-3-3W2
Detroit 105500103229.5002301300005-5-0L5
Tampa Bay 104511102723.5003203200114-5-1W1
Philly 103431102527.5001222030133-4-3W1
Buffalo 115600103135.4542301200004-6-0L1
Toronto 10451092132.4502302300014-5-1L1
Ottawa 10352193030.4502121411123-5-2L3
Boston 11371073740.3182212300013-6-1W1
New Jersey 10181032545.1500500600011-8-1W1

z - Clinched conference, y - Clinched division, x - Clinched playoff

Western Conference
Nashville 108110173618.8504011000018-1-1W7
Vancouver 117300143127.6365003101007-3-0W3
Columbus 106321153430.7504103310125-3-2L1
Chicago 116410133121.5904205200015-4-1W1
San Jose 106400122826.6005002400006-4-0W2
Phoenix 104331123129.6002121122134-3-3T1
Dallas 116500123729.5453203301006-4-0W1
Colorado 115510113027.5002213210015-4-1W2
LosAngeles 103340103232.5002121201043-3-4W1
St Louis 10451092529.4503201210014-5-1L3
Anaheim 11470192635.4093302200103-7-0L4
Edmonton 10262062534.3001221520022-6-2T1
Winnipeg 11281052838.2272211200012-7-1L4
Minnesota 10172041833.2000511120021-7-2L3

z - Clinched conference, y - Clinched division, x - Clinched playoff

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The FNHL has had over 80 GMs take ownership of teams in this leagues storied history. So, if you have been around for a long time consider how many have come and gone. I appreciate your dedication.

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