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Montoya hits 500 in style

By Anthony Matthews

SJ-Alvaro needed only 16 wins this season to reach the 500 career win milestone.

36 games in (appearing in 30 of them), he has reached that milestone.

"It's amazing to have it completed by anyone, let alone someone you have grown to know over the course of his career." commented GM Anthony Matthews on the accomplishment.

Alvaro's career started back in 2004, but he didn't record a win until 2006. He appeared in a combined 12 games for Florida in those two seasons, only being the goalie of record for 2 losses.

The following year he got his chance at a starting job. After 3 years and a 52-136-18 record, Florida had enough. (*editor's note* I'm not sure if it was a trade or signing that brought Montoya to San Jose, as I joined the year he was with the Sharks and he was already on the team)

Then he was off to San Jose. The early years were a bit rough. The team was not good. They ended up with a first overall pick (*Editor's note* I think it was the televised FNHL draft lottery) and chose Victor Hedman, who would eventually go on to greener pastures elsewhere. But the newly signed GM saw something in him.

"It was unprecedented. 15 years. $102 million. No one has signed a 15 year deal since. No one may ever again. But it was a great move on our part to lock up one of the elite goalies in FNHL history. Montoya put us on his back and carried us. The only thing I wish we could have accomplished was helping him lift that cup." continued Matthews.

Alvaro has one more year after this on that contract.

During those 500 wins, Alvaro lead the Sharks to 6 consecutive Pacific Division wins, (*editor's note* the 7th was lost to VAN due to tiebreaker (W)), back to back President's Trophies (2018-19), and a trip to the cup finals against the Islanders in 2014.

The next tasks everyone is hoping for is for Alvaro to win the cup with the Sharks, and to get 52 more wins, so he can have 500 wins with one team.A

8/2/2018 - 365 words

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