2024 Salary Cap: $67.7M

FNHL - The UFA Crop

A few gems could land a big payday

Signings are still rolling in and there's still time to lock up players to new deals, but if free agency starting right now, here's a look at the best pieces available in unrestricted free agency.

Mitch Wahl - You aren't alone if you haven't heard of Mitch Wahl. Wahl has been a late bloomer who exploded the last two seasons with 75 and 79 points. He'll likely triple his 2.5 million salary from last season, and the gifted playmaker deserves it.

Jason Pominville - The 34 year old winger finally saw his production drop a bit, but with 46 points, there's still room for him on an FNHL roster. He could be the bargain while other teams target the big name wingers.

Alex Pietrangelo - Pietrangelo is basically alone as the top tier D man in free agency. He's still just 30, so he's going to get term and money. That'll be good for the "winning" team for a few years, but could hurt by the end.

Zach Bogosian - If you miss out on Pietrangelo, Bogosion will be the consolation prize. Also just 30, he may be the better bet if you can sign him for around 5 million.

Michael DelZotto - The defensive pool gets thin fast, and that could be good news for MDZ. He won't put up the numbers, but provides a steady 3rd pairing presence.

Marek Schwarz - Even thinner than the market on defense is in net, where some teams are scrambling for another goalie. Schwarz is well past his prime, and could see one more payday from a desperate team. Peter Delmas may be regretting signing a 2 year 4.25 million dollar deal compared to unrestricted free agency.

Bobby Ryan - If you miss out on Mitch Wahl, the 34 year old Bobby Ryan isn't slowing down. He has 69 points last year and can play either wing. Look for a team with cap space to go big on a short term deal.

David Krejci - Based on his numbers last year, Krejci can still be a 2nd line playmaker on most clubs. With teams targeting Wahl and Ryan, Krejci could come in as a bargain for a team needing some secondary scoring.

Justin Daniels - Daniels hasn't had much of a pro career, but he exploded for 100 points in the minors last year. Will someone pay the 31 year old who has never had more than 31 points in the FNHL in a season?

Ryan Kesler - The longtime Canuck has been slowing down and isn't the dominant center he once was. With his skating ability leaving him, Kesler could be the disappointment of free agency if he makes anywhere near the 7 million he did last season.

Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

By: Nathan Erb

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