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Habs Building Remarkable Early Lead

With a dominating 7-1 victory over the Phoenix Coyotes, Montreal has built their lead in the East to 10 points, and in their division to 11, an incredible spread less than 20 games in to the regular season. For comparison, the other 3 divisions are only separated at the top by a combined 4 points.

It's coming on the strength of last year's same core continuing their tear through the league. Nik Bergsfors remains the league's best player, as he has been for a few years now, and fellow stars Latendresse and Wellwood are equaling or bettering last year's performance so far.

The club's second line was a defensive struggle last year, but so far this season they seem more up to the task of playing hard in both ends of the rink.

Just a few games from the 20-game waiving mark hitting the league there may be a small uptick in trade rumors and activity this weekend. Montreal still seems to be in the process of figuring out their center position, with Porter, Gauthier, and Shinnimin still rotating in and out of the lineup and the top line.

Will a trade end up sorting things out permanently?

Posted: Thursday, June 06, 2019

By: Wesley W

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