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Habs Continue Rolling, Rotating Centers

Five Game Sweep

The Montreal Canadiens have pushed their record to a league best 7-1 with their most convincing win of the young season, a 6-1 romp over their most recent Stanley Cup opponent, the Canucks. A sellout crowd in Montreal broke out in to a chant out of "Five Gave Sweep" in the closing minutes of the game.

The Habs even started Antoine Lafleur in this one, showing great confidence in him as their backup.

Wins have come in early even with there still being an active competition for significant ice time at the center position. Dating back to the pre-season all of Tage Thompson, Brendan Shinnimin, Kevin Porter, and JG Pageau have played between the wing-duo of Bergsfors and Latendresse.. though as of yet none have truly broken free from the pack when it comes to performance.

Thompson's tryout seems to have come to a close with an injury suffered, as he was sent to Hamilton upon being cleared for play. Pageau replaced him and probably put in the least visible performance, he has also been demoted and is likely not at the front of the line to play next.

In season, Kevin Porter has yet to have his opportunity on the top line, and surprisingly does not get the next shot-- it's going to Frederik Gauthier. To date The Goat has only been used as a penalty killer, playing just 6 minutes a game. Both player and club are unhappy with that number, so he now will be getting his shot on the coveted top line.

Porter, who previously was playing on the third line but not looking good, will step back in to that position again.

Posted: Friday, May 10, 2019

By: Wesley W

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