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Team Endorsement Requirements Are Too Damn High!

Particularly, Home Game Victories

I’m a gambler, and I only make ‘the right bets’. Betting on your team to successfully complete one of the specified team endorsements is not the right bet, unless you like Snickers. I’ve long looked at these offerings and promptly ignored them for player endorsements – I know, easy to do when you have superstars, but just because you don’t, don’t bet on these when others get more fair offerings.

Why are they currently unfair compared to others? For one, player endorsements are offered three potential goals to hit, while the team endorsements are limited to two: Home Games Won, and/or hitting a goals for/against mark – but really, you’re just betting on the goals. Did you properly predict your team’s makeup over the 82 games? Going to score enough? Got a great goalie? You better be right, because you’re probably not going to win on home victories…

From Bauer (30) down to Powerade (24), these companies are asking too much out of their signees.

Take this year’s crop for example. The Nashville Predators signed the largest team endorsement, and they did win based on the goals against requirements—but they have an elite defense and Thomas McCollum. Wise bet. They were also asked to win 29 or more home games. Did they? No—the Minnesota Wild did, they won 29, but this has only happened 9 times in the FNHL over 21 seasons.

Calling your goals/goals against totals isn’t a sure thing either. This year, Buffalo threw money away… as did Ottawa and Colorado. Chicago and Calgary got out with their money thanks to goal scoring – but is it fair that their money rode on this single statistic?

Minnesota didn’t score enough but thankfully tied a 13-year FNHL record with 29 home victories to survive Reebok. (Bauer would have told the President’s Cup winners to cut them a huge cheque by the way).

It’s not just the top two endorsers asking for too many home victories, winning 24 or more home games is a terrible chance to take. Other than Minnesota, who do you think won 24 home games this year? Comment below if you know the answer. No comment? That’s because the answer is nobody. In fact, going back 5 years, 24 home victories has only been hit 9 times, and going back 10 years, 20 times. An average of 2 teams per season will win 24 home games, which six companies going down the list ask you to do.

So basically, six of the offered endorsements are really only asking you to bet on one task, where as players are offered three statistics to hit.

Do you think there needs to be some adjustments to these endorsements?

Posted: Thursday, February 21, 2019

By: Wesley W

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