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Oilers making adjustments

After a solid 104 point season that ended in a 2nd round playoff exit the Oilers saw 3 veterans in Sedin, Kronwall, and Eminger retire. The Oilers believe they have the core to compete yet again this season and have begun the process of plugging holes.

At least one of the open spots seems as if it will be filled from within as Carl Gunnarson is expected to make the full-time jump to the big club. It is possible that the forward position will be filled internally as well. Newly acquired Ron Hainsey (for cash from Detroit) is expected to step into a leadership role on the first pair.

There are still a number of UFA and RFA players needing new deals and as the team works through those negotiations additional adjustments may need to be made. However the goal of icing a contending team while still keeping an eye on the future remains the focus of this organization.

Posted: Friday, January 25, 2019

By: John van Teunenbroek

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