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Late Season Swoon Has Flames Sellers

Andy Rogers sold off to Preds

Calgary (AP) - In the midst of a 1-8-1 run, and a season of more downs than ups, the Calgary Flames made the decision to be sellers as opposed to buyers during the FNHL rental trade period.

Andy Rogers, the Flames undisputed titan on defence was the target of many teams for rental status and the Nashville Predators were the most aggressive. In the end, the Flames shipped Rogers and farm depth forward Tomas Kana to the Nashville Predators for Tampa Bay's 1st round pick in the upcoming draft, depth defenseman Chris Summers and cash.

"We weren't wavering off the demand for a first-round pick for Andy. After giving up our first this year for Polak, we had a need. In Tampa's pick, we get a similarly ranked pick for a disappearing asset." said GM Nagle.

By dealing away Rogers, the message could be sent that perhaps management isn't serious about winning this year. But that isn't the case.

"Our recent record speaks for itself. We weren't winning with what we had. So, I had to make a change. Andy was likely not going to resign here, so we had to take advantage of what we could get in return for now. Our defence is still very deep and with Roman and Jack having solid seasons, we decided to leave this in their hands." added the GM.

The Flames will play the highly ranked New York Rangers tonight and hope to get some positive momentum going before the playoff hunt starts. Currently, the Flames sit in a playoff spot, but if their luck doesn't change soon, they may find themselves falling out.

Posted: Friday, October 18, 2019

By: Jeff Nagle

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