2024 Salary Cap: $67.7M

100M$ + payrolls in FNHL History

As a GM, your duty is to always crunch numbers and plan a couple of years in advance while negotiating contracts with our RFA/UFA players. There was a time where it didn't matter what your pro payroll was, all you needed to do is make sure your finances were in the positive.

Let’s take a look at the two 100M$ + payrolls in FNHL History

2003 Colorado Avalanches
Payroll: $113,200,000
Ticket Price: $52
Projected Balance: $23,915,745

We are starting with the highest Payroll in FNHL History. This one is just crazy. Just to put it in perspective, if you would take the 5 players and the goalie starting the game, that team would be almost at our current cap (66.2M$) leaving a few pennies to sign the other 14 players required to have a team. Pronger and Lidstrom were making 15M$ each, Jagr 11.5M$, Sakic 10,2M$ and Shanahan was the poor one at 6M$. In nets, Patrick Roy and his 8.5M$ was closing the deal. The Avalanches won the president trophy with 123 points in 86 regular season games but failed to bring home the FNHL Stanley Cup losing in 5 games to the NJ Devils 51M$ payroll!

2003 Dallas Stars
Payroll: $103,735,000
Ticket Price: $67
Projected Balance: $14,579,233

That same year, The Dallas Stars was the only other team in FNHL history with a 100M$ + salary payroll. They finished 1 point behind the Avalanches in the race for the President trophy. Tom Maha was the GM and was paying a bunch fwd big bucks! Tkachuk at 12.035M$, Forsberg 11M$, Leclair and Holik 9M$ and Modano at 8MS. The top paid defenseman was 77 OV Scott Stevens at 7M$ per year! Thank God their goalie, 82 OV Nabokov, was making only 3.25M$

Hope this brings back good memories!

Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

By: Moreno Zuccolo

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