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Sharks predict for money

(may be too late, but I forgot about it until now)

Habs vs Ottawa

I have no real love for either team in the NHL, so that doesn't bode well for the FNHL.

Habs in 6 (the Skylar effect - or is it the Borelli effect, since it didn't work out for Barth?)

Preds vs Canucks

Both have rental Sharks, I'm not really sold on the Canucks - the fans riot too much, and the city would have been burnt down had they lost to Winnipeg, as it was only a couple of neighbourhoods are lost.

Preds in 7, they'll be rested, but that didn't bode well for Edmonton.

Preds vs Habs in the finals

Preds win in 5 - They have the Hjammer.

Short and sweet, because I actually need to do some work while I'm at work and before the students start to get here.

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2018

By: Anthony Matthews

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