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ROY Favorite Raanta Becoming the King?

Interesting development in Pittsburgh.

What began as a 15-20 start plan for the rookie netminder, Antti Raanta has quickly escalated into a full-on goalie controversy.

While Henrik Lundqvist has been very strong this season (27-14-5), 2.29 GAA ranks 5th amongst all FNHL goalies, Raanta has been scorching for the better part of two months, and there's reason to believe this is more than just a hot streak.

Through 31 games, Raanta is now 15-5-6 , his 2.20 GAA mark is better than Lundqvist - and only behind Vezina favorites, Tommy McCollum and Leland Irving.

When was the last time we saw two goalies finish in the Top 5? Unheard of. While Lundqvist/ Raanta won't win the Jennings, there's never been a more dominant #1-2 punch

Lundqvist has won the Jennings Award on five occasions. with four different backups to complete the tandem (Brodeur, Niitymaki, Tervo 2x, Liv)

Will Raanta get playoff starts? It remains to be seen, but we may be looking at the next elite goalie sliding into the King slot of the Pens' chessboard.

Posted: Monday, September 25, 2017

By: Peter Martin

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