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Coyotes Fail To Advance

(Phoenix, AZ) The Phoenix Coyotes fail to advance in the playoffs after their game seven loss to the Calgary Flames. After, a very successful season it seemed that the Coyotes would be destined to face Nashville in the Western Conference finals. The Flames had other intentions. It was a back and forth series as neither team could put back to back wins together. A disappointing playoffs after a stellar season. Here are some comments from the team.

GM Knoph: Sure I'm disappointed, and now we have to go home and watch the rest of the playoffs, when we should still be playing after the type of season we had.

Charles Carmichael (Phoenix Post) What are the off-season plans?

GM: Well, we will be looking for a goalie. Not sure if Ray Emery is retiring or going to keep playing. As for anything else, we will be evaluating everything. In the next week.

Ray Emery: No questions about my future, I do not want to make any decisions right now as they would be made from an emotional standpoint. It was a tough fought out series and I wish we had won it. Thank you.

The team has some things to think about in player personal this off season. GO YOTES!

Charles Carmichael
Phoenix Post

Posted: Friday, November 03, 2017

By: Ken Knoph

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