2024 Salary Cap: $67.7M

Players in a League of Their Own

Every league of every sport consist of a special set of all-stars or "Poster Boys" excelling above and beyond their teammates and opposition. With season 2024 nearing by the day lets take a look at the FNHL's most anticipated performers heading into the season.

#3) Ondrej Fiala of the Chicago Blackhawks. Fiala has been a constant producer for the last four seasons reaching 90+ points the last three seasons. With 67 assists in each of his prior two seasons it is safe to say Fiala is in the prime of his career. He could very well surpass 70 assists and lead Chicago into what should be a heated battle at the top of the West with Nashville. Fiala brings with him a $8.5million cap hit but is worth every dollar and them some.

#2) Thomas McCollum of the Nashville Predators. When it comes to an all-star goalie look no further than Thomas McCollum. The 31 year old is coming into the new season hoping to rebound from what was a great season stat wise but was a step back from the 2022 season where he had 43 wins, a 1.84 GAA and .926 S%. McCollum is expected to be the top goalie this season on what is looking to be a very strong Predators club. Leland Irving is another name that could very well have been at this spot but at the end of the day Nashville presents the stronger core of players in front of their goalie offering the greatest chance for statistical success.

#1) Nicklas Bergsfors of the Montreal Canadiens. The 34 year is the undisputed best player in the FNHL. Leading Montreal to 3 cups in the last 4 seasons, Bergsfors is an absolute workhorse who continues to age like a fine wine. Amassing 104 points in season 2023 and surpassing 1000 career points leaves no room for argument. He has scored 35+ goals the last 4 seasons and is as close to the perfect player as one can ever hope to manage. Bergsfors carries a heavy cap hit but deserves every cent for all the reasons mentioned above and more. He is set to make $9 million this season and $13 million in 2025 before his contract lowers each season finishing at $7.5 mil in 2028. When it does come time for Bergsfors to retire the FNHL will see one of its greatest players of all time hit the history books.

Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

By: Julian Borrelli

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