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Silver Linings of a Solid Season

This is Bob Cobb coming to you live from Rumors Sports Bar in downtown New York and I've got a random report on the Rags.

Last season saw its fair share of 'highs' and a poorly timed dose of 'lows.' The regular season saw the Rangers finish atop the Eastern Conference with a 47-25-10-3 record which was highlighted by a 19-game unbeaten streak. After a first round sweep of the Red Wings, things looked great going into round 2. The team was hot and their opponent was one which would be considered somewhat of a Cinderella, the Ottawa Senators. The Sens were riding a hot goalie.. one whose name you Rags fans may recall.. Peter fkin Delmas.

8/29/2014 -- New York Rangers send $2,580,000 to the Winnipeg Jets for Peter Delmas

3/2/2015 -- Columbus Blue Jackets send Daniel Winnik, CBJ 2019 Rnd 2 to the New York Rangers for Markus Granlund, Peter Delmas, & the rights to UFA David Booth

Delmas was only a Ranger for a short time and was moved because Carey Price was the unquestioned starter, but wow.. he came back with a vengeance. Though the Rags made the final four FNHL teams just last season, this years team was poised to go further.. but alas, Delmas & the Sens had the last laugh.

On the silver linings side, the team got some hardware with GM Erickson named Executive of the Year and RW Sergei Andronov winning the Calder trophy. Interestingly enough, Sergei was named rookie of the year at 30 years of age and was a great local story all season long. After spending season after season just smashing goalies in the Minors and then getting smashed in local divebars afterwards, Andronov didn't seem destined to do much of anything at the Pro level. But he was given his chance last season and.. drunk or not, he made the most of it and became a fan favorite. Though his contract is now up, you better believe the organization will reward him with some tasty green to keep him around~

At this point, it sounds like GM Erickson is waiting to finalize some contracts before deciding who plays where for the upcoming season, but we've heard several rumors that he's got his eye on a certain UFA with a funky name. Who might that be? Well, we shall see..

Until next time, I'm Bob Cobb and I don't enjoy ice-fishing.. or elves.

Posted: Tuesday, January 29, 2019

By: Anthony Erickson

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