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After Years Near Top, Bulldogs Suffer

In Hamilton, this is the first year in nearly a decade in which the Bulldogs can't consider themselves one of the best teams in the FNHL minor league system. Though they've never managed to reach the top under GM Walsh like the Canadiens have, Hamilton has had at least 5 second place finishes under his reign.

This year, Hamilton has 55 points in 52 games, good enough to only be in the middle of the pack.

"A lot of teams would just shrug and start thinking about next year. It actually bugs me that the race is already lost-- there is no catching the leaders. I'm disappointed and do consider it a failure on my part," said Walsh.

Wow, a failure. The bar is so high in the Montreal organization, they're upset about having a middle of the pack farm team.

"It's more important than people think. We have a winning culture here.. we want players to be coming in from a winning culture. The teams play the same systems for a reason. We set the same expectations top to bottom for the franchise"

Posted: Monday, September 16, 2019

By: Wesley W

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