Habs Stop at Malkin, Don't Add More

On a rather surprising quiet weekend trade deadline in Montreal, the Habs elected to stand pat, adding only Evegeni Malkin whom they acquired within 24 hours of the rental period beginning.

"Geno will give us a one-two punch down the middle that we haven't had since Eric (Staal) was here," said Walsh.

In 2 games this week Malkin has 3 points and a +4 rating playing from the third line. Come playoff time, he will likely see the increased quality of competition on the second line, playing behind Kyle Wellwood and ahead of Brendan Shinninmin.

"I'm very excited to come in here and try and help these guys with another championship. I'm going to have great linemates no matter who I end up playing with," said Malkin moments ago before stepping on the ice in Toronto.

If Montreal does not see another deep playoff run, perhaps even cup final appearance, management may end up facing criticism for not improving their defensive depth. Garret Noonan and Noah Juulsen remain the third defensive pair to the surprise of many trade watchers.

Montreal apparently fished, but could not land their man.

Posted: Monday, October 21, 2019

By: Wesley W

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