2024 Salary Cap: $67.7M

Welcome Back FNHL - 2024 Edition

Nothing says “Let’s Get the Party Started” like a trade frenzy. After what seemed like an eternity and a lot of uncertainty, the Commissioner announced plans to move forward onto the 2024 season and the flood-gates were open. While the 1st day started with just a trickle, 1 trade between Detroit and Edmonton, it wasn’t a small deal by any means seeing Hainsey move west for a boatload of cash.

4 days (and the weekend) later, the season was off with a BOOM. Monday Jan 28th saw 43 assets move hands through 11 trades. Detroit, Pittsburgh and Nashville headlined a bulk of those trades. $21.5M+ cash, 16 draft picks and 20 players changed hands in just 1 day. Gunnar Stahl found a new home in Nashville, Ryan Pulock was sold to Chicago and Detroit saw a lot of cap space, as well as their negative balance, improve.

Less than 1 week later, on Feb 6th, we saw 10 more transactions take place. None were bigger than seeing Nashville mortgage their future to bring in superstars Dubinsky and Tyrell. While some may argue every angle of this trade, this GM feels that Nashville gave up too much despite the overwhelming skill these two superstars possess. Feb 6th also saw Calgary potentially increase their standing drastically. Making a move to bring in Jeff Skinner, then pull off a blockbuster to pick up potential star net-minder Malcom Subban. Later, Calgary shipped greatly unneeded Thiessen to Boston in a surprising move to bring back Nathan McKinnon. All-in-all a great day for the Canadian club.

By end of the week, 2 new GMs were introduced to the league and St. Louis GM Dave Semyck wasted no time stamping his name to the team. 6 days and 7 trades later, St. Louis revamped both there back-end as well as their future stocks by shipping out the dead weight. Now with a stream-lined cap roster and a long list of potential stars in the wings, St. Louis could be a contender in the near future if their players are grown right.

With the Draft just around the corner, you can bet that the trades aren’t complete. There are probably some deals that are not reflected in this article, but the future of FNHL looks bright.

Posted: Tuesday, February 19, 2019

By: Aaron Williamson

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