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Jarnkork Profile

When Jarnkork was drafted by the Kings in the 1st round in 2018, management knew they had a hugely talented winger. But, along with that came some questions as to his conditioning, dedication to the games, and attitude.

Jarnkrok’s most obvious positive is his very good puck control, as he shows an ability to hang on for extended periods of time. He projects as a playmaker, as he is more apt to setting up plays than finishing them. Jarnkrok also boasts high-end skating ability and he possesses a great deal of hockey sense.

During a year where the entire team has struggled and is going through a youth movement and rebuild, Jarnkork was and continues to be a big piece of the King's plans.

Posted: Tuesday, October 03, 2017

By: Duane Goetz

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