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Oilers move into 1st Rd

The Oilers made another deal yesterday with an eye on both this season and the future. The Oilers moved into the 1st rd of this year's draft by acquiring the #24 pick from Florida in exchange for the #59 pick, Beau Bennett and the Oilers 1st rd pick in 2026.

The Oilers are high on a specific prospect whom they hope to be able to draft at #24, rumour has it that if that player goes higher in the draft that the Oilers may move the #24 pick in order to move down in the draft.

The addition of Beau Bennett in the deal was a necessary evil, however with Toni Rajala coming off a great minor league season word around Edmonton was that he was set to over take Bennett on the depth chart therefore making Bennett a movable piece.

After completing 2 deals over the the last 2 days it is expected that Edmonton management will turn their attention to re-signing their pending free agents with an eye to getting some Cap clarity before proceeding with the rest of the off-season.

Posted: Saturday, January 26, 2019

By: John van Teunenbroek

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