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Columbus Struggling

A 3-6-1 record in their last 10 games has GM Moriarty looking for answers. Despite the stellar offensive play of James Sheppard and Patrick Sharp this year, the supporting cast has not lived up to expectations and GM Moriarty has been talking to a couple of GMs around the league about potential deals to help kick start the offense.

"We have one deal that will be announced today or tomorrow but just a minor change to the lineup. We have also been speaking to one specific GM for a couple weeks now about a deal that could potentially shake-up the lineup and see a young star make his way to Columbus. We want to make sure this deal works for us but we are moving in the right direction and could see the deal work itself out in the next week or so." GM Moriarty speaking after his teams shutout at home to the Rangers.

Columbus visits Phoenix and looks to move closer to the current 8th seed in the West with Brian Elliott expected to get the start once again as Pavelec continues to struggle.

Posted: Thursday, June 29, 2017

By: Connor Moriarty

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