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Avs Prevail Against Tampa Remain Unbeaten at Home

Skeptics wait for the bottom to fall out

Yesterday the Avs held tough and beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 3 to 2 here at home. This win extended the winning streak to 8 games and the Avs are still unbeaten at home. The winning goal was scored by Tuomo Ruutu. The second game winning goal in as many games. Rookie goalie Henrik Karlsson was given the night off and rookie backup goalie Thatcher Demko got the start. This win moves the promising rookie's record to 4-0. This years team has consistently exceeded expectations and the future looks bright in Colorado.

Its no secret that other GM's around the league think this is a fluke and that the bottom will fall out from this team. Maybe so, maybe no. Personally I think this team will continue to surprise and if the team can maintain a winning record from this point on, they will finish with an incredible record considering this team had the worst record last year with only 63 points. The Avs currently lead the league with 32 points. The next closest team has 24. Not bad for a team that: "has no starting goalie" "has a sub-par defense" and no player 80 or more in overall rating points.

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Posted: Monday, May 08, 2017

By: Dave Broche Sr.

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