2024 Salary Cap: $67.7M

Canes Top 11 Positives from a disapointing year

Well boys, this is not the season I expected out of my Carolina Hurricanes franchise, to be honest I feel their is just too much talent on this team to be where I am in the standings but I guess everything happens for a reason.
Their is a ton to like about this team going forward and instead of focusing on the negatives lets look at what went right this year for the Canes.

1. Endorsements met - This was nip and tuck for awhile but both Rask and Phaneuf reached them saving me tons of cash which would have really hurt the franchise.

2. Stamkos/Crosby - My go two guys both reached the 30 goal plateau and are top 2 in scoring on my team. Bodes well for the future as both are young studs.

3. Girardi/Phaneuf- two of the top scoring d men in the FNHL and if not for a slow start by Phaneuf he could have been number 1.

4. Huberdeau/Strome - Picked up in a trade from Florida came off a 16 point season and put up 43 so far, still young and taking the next step. Strome continued to be one of the best young guns in the league.

5. Pearson - A first rounder two years ago we traded Ovechkin to give Pearson ice team. He responded with 12 goals and 24 points in 39 games so far. If he played a whole season he would be in Calder consideration.

6. My first round pick/Pitts and San Jose - I still have mine it and it should be a top 3-5. Pitts will be mid and San Jose late in a pretty solid draft. (Common lottery going for Ekblad)

7. Edmontons struggles - I have their first rounder too and should be 3-5 (Common Lottery)

8. Boone Jenner - 34 goals and 82 points on the farm, should be ready to step into a third line position next season.

9. Monahan - A top pick last year I didn't rush him and 27 goals and 68 points on the farm plus 5 points in 10 games with the Canes. Great for his development for next season.

10. Kept my brain - I didn't over react and make poor impulse trades. I stayed the course and played this year out and the future looks great.

11. Cap room - lastly I have over 10 mill in cap space to resign my top guys so I wont be forced to trade them for future prospects,

There you have it fellas, I try to be a positive guy and I look forward to winning the East next season.

GM Carolina

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Posted: Tuesday, January 06, 2015

By: David Drinkill

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