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The Building of The Flames

A history lesson in team building

Calgary - The Calgary Flames are officially playing for keeps. No longer a team focused on building, they are now built and the expectations are high. With an offseason flurry of trades, the highly-skilled Flames are gunning for its first FNHL Cup since 2011. But how was this team built? Here are some breakdowns of how the projected opening-day line-up came about:

There are 20 players on the pro team.

3 players were drafted by the Flames (Reinhart, Eichel and Kuemper)
10 players were traded for.
7 players were acquired by free agency.

Of those 20 players, 19 were drafted.

13 were drafted in the first round.
4 were drafted in the second round.
2 were drafted in the third round.

7 of the 20 players were acquired in 2022 (currently entering 2024)

There are so many pathways to victory, none of them are ever the same. The Flames were built around sound drafting, smart free agent pickups and opportunistic trades. Ever since GM Nagle took over the reins and began the slow rebuilding process, the theme all along was to build the team around mobility. Moving bodies to move pucks is never a bad way to build. The 2024 Calgary Flames is a very agile and mobile club and should be very exciting to watch contend for a very deep playoff run.

Here's to an exciting 2024 season!

Posted: Tuesday, March 19, 2019

By: Jeff Nagle

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