# Player Pos HT WT Shot Age Team/League OV Scouting Bio
1 Elias Pettersson C 6'2 176 L 18 Vancouver (NHL) 76 A crafty and agile two-way forward, Pettersson is consistently productive in all three zones. As he gets stronger, he'll become even more physical and aggressive than he is now, and his creativity could definitely elevate his game to dominant levels. He can be described as a tenacious, jack-of-all-trades kind of player; he is well versed in all the important aspects of his own game. His speed and top-end acceleration continue to improve game by game, and his hard-nosedness shows through in his dogged pursuit of puck control. Elias Pettersson is a complete hockey player with exceptional hockey sense who brings intellect and youthful exuberance to a game that feeds on his kind of exciting athleticism. [EP 2017] 
2 Nico Hischier C 6'1 174 L 18 New Jersey (NHL) 75 Nico Hischier is a highly skilled offensive forward. Smart at both end of the ice, as he plays a reliable two-way game. Has good size and still room to get stronger. Excellent skater with good quickness and top speed. Possesses strong hockey sense and on-ice awareness for both attacking opponents and his teammates and with this ability he can escape fore-checkers and make quick plays, as he sees passing lanes before they open. Has game-breaking abilities and can turn the outcome of a game. Nico Hischier leads by example has the potential to be a top-line center and a clutch player his Team can turn to late in the game. (by Rafik Soliman, Mai 2017)
3 Nolan Patrick C 6'2 198 R 18 Philadelphia (NHL) 75 A highly skilled and all-round player. Patrick has few, if any, holes in his game and stands out in many aspects. His hockey sense and competitiveness is top notch. At the same time he has above average skating, shooting and puck skills. Furthermore, Patrick is a reliable two-way player and will do an excellent job on the penalty kill. Very capable scorer and passer. (EP 2017) 
4 Miro Heiskanen D 6'0 170 L 18 Dallas (NHL) 75 An elite two-way defenceman in the making, Miro Heiskanen has a toolbox bursting at the seams. Very smooth skater whose general agility and athleticism is excellent and on display every shift. A confident puck mover with no issues running a play himself and starting a transition up-ice. Solid creativity and impressive puck skills. Always makes the high percentage play and doesn't put teammates in dangerous or vulnerable positions. Willingness to play a physical game is not an issue, as he is often seen throwing the body. Defensively very diligent and proactive, keeping the opposition to the outside and cutting off open and common lanes. [EP 2017]
5 Martin Necas C 6'1 168 R 18 Charlotte (AHL) 75 A strong offensive minded centre…has explosive, darting speed and can duck and dodge with impressive lateral agility, He has great puck skills and isn't afraid to take the puck into traffic to make the play, competitive center with tremendous speed..makes an effort to play at a high pace.. diligent defensive player..works very hard
6 Cale Makar D 5'11 187 R 18 UMASS (NCAA) 74 Many have called Cale Makar one of the purest talents to ever crop up out of the AJHL. He reads and executes plays quickly, making good things happen for his teammates every time he is out on the ice. Stickhandling and puck possession play is superb. Makes high percentage decisions that help his team move the puck up-ice. High-end hockey IQ and understands his own game very well, allowing him to stay coachable and play to his strengths in any situation. Makar's potential is that of a traditional franchise defender that can do it all. [EP 2017] 
7 Erik Brannstrom D 5'10 181 L 18 Chicago (AHL) 74 A puck moving defenseman with excellent skating skills. Brännström has impressive offensive instincts and hockey sense. Plays a pretty good defensive game, which will improve further with increased strength to go with his rather modest height. Passing ability stands out, shot is good and he loves to control the PP. (EP 2017)
8 Casey Mittelstadt C 6'1 201 L 18 Buffalo (NHL) 74 An electric offensive presence on the ice, Casey Mittelstadt brings the complete package of speed, skill, and hockey sense. He competes hard with every shift, and has the dynamic puck skills to keep up with his creativity, which is a hallmark of his game. His awareness is all-encompassing, and he never puts his teammates in positions where their time and space will be bottlenecked. Bigger players don't phase him, as he thinks the game analytically and will find chinks in the opposition's armor on the fly. As a result, Mittelstadt is often seen forcing more complicated plays that the opposition won't be able to read in time. On top of all this, he can play a north-south game, and his transition game is already at an elite level. He's a complete player with the predatory instincts necessary to succeed as a consistent and, perhaps, dominant point producer at the next level. (Curtis Joe, EP 2016)
9 Eeli Toivanen RW 5'10 192 L 18 Milwaukee (AHL) 73 Elusive with the puck on his stick…likes to shoot and has an impressive accurate shot with an absolutely deadly release, He has the full arsenal of quick release snap shot, a powerful wrist shot and accurate one-timer on the power play, 
10 Filip Chytil C 6'2 203 L 18 New York (NHL) 73 Chytil is a dynamic offensive player. Size, hands, the complete package. Projects as a Barkov-type power forward. He is able to play the game at high speeds and excels when he has the puck in open space.
11 Cody Glass C 6'2 185 R 18 Portland (WHL) 73 A dangerous two-way center that thinks the game at a high level, never making the same mistake twice. He is analytical and patient in the development of his strengths. He transitions up-ice quickly and is able to create and dictate offensive chances on the rush. He attacks hard and fast and consistently displays excellent puck control. His decision making is very good, indicative of his high level of hockey sense. He plays a complete game and elevates his play as energy levels rise. At the next level, he will need to be even faster and more physically assertive to make his presence felt. All-in-all, an intense, quick-thinking competitor who can elicit a crowd's excitement when he's on the ice. (Curtis Joe, EP 2017)
12 Nick Suzuki C 5'11 183 R 18 Guelph (OHL) 73 A smart offensive center who thinks the game at a fast pace and makes very good decisions on a consistent basis. Though he may not be the biggest player on the ice, Suzuki plays a thick, sturdy game and is hard to knock off the puck, especially when he has his feet moving. He's an excellent skater that knows his own game well. Skilled with the puck and has a high level of hockey sense. This blend of talent and work ethic is hard to come by, invaluable in the long run. [EP 2017] 
13 Robert Thomas C 6'0 187 R 18 London (OHL) 72 Heady, creative center who makes the hard plays look easy. Elite passing ability. High hockey IQ, Skates well, reliable checker. Plays well in all 3-zones. Hockey sense is off the chart.
14 Lias Andersson F 5'11 205 L 18 Hartford (AHL) 72 Andersson is an excellent team player. Never takes a shift off. Also blessed with good hockey sense and plays a strong two-way game. Offensively, Andersson stands out with impressive puck skills, a good shot and fine speed. Has the tools to become a scoring line player, but could also become an excellent role player who always gives 100%. (EP 2017)
15 Gabriel Vilardi C 6'3 201 R 18 LA Kings (NHL) 72 A dangerous two-way center who stays poised, calm, and composed in all situations. Individual puck skills are at an elite level and he is able to play a finesse role. Makes excellent decisions with the puck and showcases a well-rounded understanding of both the offensive and defensive game. Uses his size to his advantage and keeps the opposition guessing because he is able to do so many different things, including: taking it himself to the net and powering through, making a seeing-eye pass, or holding off to piggyback a possession play. He already plays a mature yet dynamic game, and that indicates success for a long time at higher levels. All-in-all, a dexterous 200-foot player who is a consistent threat every time he is on the ice. (Curtis Joe, EP 2017) 
16 Ryan Poehling C 6'2 185 L 18 St. Cloud State (NCAA) 72 He makes up for foot speed with great hockey sense, and his strong worth ethic…controls the puck well, plays a sound game positionally coming back into his own end and has a knack for creating turnovers on the back check
17 Timothy Liljegren D 6'0 192 R 18 Toronto (AHL) 72 A skilled offensive defenseman with excellent skating skills. The way he combines his speed with strong puck handling skills makes him a quite spectacular player to watch. Decision making is at times a bit questionable and there is some room for improvement when it comes to his defensive game. If he puts everything together, he should become a high scoring defenseman thanks to his hockey sense, quick release and strong passing game. (EP 2017)
18 Henri Jokiharju D 6'0 192 R 18 Chicago (NHL) 72 Steady riser up every board. His ability to carve in and out through traffic, especially in the neutral zone is very good. Good skater, good passer. Projects as a Top-4 with offensive upside. 
19 Owen Tippett RW 6'2 205 R 18 Saginaw (OHL) 72 Scoring winger who possesses that natural scorer’s touch…he gets to the right areas of the ice both with and without the puck, A pure goal scorer with average size and good speed. A player who his dangerous all over the offensive zone.
20 Juuso Valimaki D 6'2 205 L 18 Calgary (NHL) 72 Good vision and puck moving ability, has no panic to his game and waits for his options. He is highly skilled puckhandler and he utilizes his reach and size effectively
21 Kailer Yamamoto RW 5'8 154 R 18 Edmonton (NHL) 72 Small, speedy forward with excellent hockey sense and quick hands…has a strong work ethic that keeps him going, Below the goal-line, Yamamoto is elusive and can carve his way to the net using extremely strong outside edges.
22 Urho Vaakanainen D 6'1 187 L 18 Providence (AHL) 71 An intelligent, two-way defender…reads the play really well, has his head up all the time and makes quick decisions with the puck. He has good puck moving ability and strong offensive upside. He is also a good skater and can rush the puck up ice with confidence
23 Conor Timmins D 6'2 183 R 18 Colorado (AHL) 71 Timmins is a very smart defenseman; he has good vision and good offensive instincts. He can read the play well, and his passing ability allows him to be a constant threat in the transition game. 
24 Cal Foote D 6'4 220 R 18 Syracuse (AHL) 71 An assertive two-way defenceman who reads plays quickly and understands both the offensive and defensive sides of the roles he is put into. He plays a consistent game, and can be trusted to create chances from the back end on special teams. He uses his size to gain leverage against other players, though he isn't an overly physical force. His hockey sense is outstanding, and his ability to not just read but start and, on the odd occasion, finish plays is overtly indicative of his high talent level. (Curtis Joe, EP 2017) 
25 Kristian Vesalainen W 6'4 207 L 18 Jokerit (KHL) 71 Plays a versatile, high-tempo offensive game…battles for pucks and space…a beast along the wall and difficult to move in front of the net. Kristian is a big, forward with good offensive tools including a powerful shot. His release is heavy and he can get it off fairly quickly,
26 Josh Norris C 6'1 194 L 18 U. Michigan (NCAA) 71 He plays of a pass-first game yet can find the back of the net with his quick release and accurate shot. Patient with the puck projects as a high-level passer because of his vision. 
27 Morgan Frost C 6'0 185 L 18 Sault St Marie (OHL) 71 A playmaking pivot who reads the game intelligently…calm and poised…agile on his skates and possesses excellent edgework. Good hockey sense. Top 6-kid will play in all three zones.
28 Michael Rasmussen C 6'5 220 L 18 Detroit (NHL) 71 In addition to his size, he has a very long, efficient stride and he is explosive out of stopped position, Goes to the net and blocks the goaltender’s view while looking for deflections and rebounds.
29 Pierre-Olivier Joseph D 6'2 168 L 18 Drummondville (QMJHL) 70 He makes quick decisions with the puck and excels in the transition game. Good speed. Tall, rangy, still filling out. Probably 3 years away from the pro game - but he'll be a good one if the pieces are put together.
30 Jake Oettinger G 6'4 212 R 18 Boston University (NCAA) 70 Big, athletic, prototypical #1…covers a lot of the net with his natural size and mobility…has long legs that cover much of the lower net when he drops into the butterfly…handles rebounds well as he either directs them to open space or suffocates them in his pads…is fluid and quick, pushing post-to-post and maintains good position. 
31 Neal Pionk D 6'0 190 R 19 Hartford (AHL) 70 Late-bloomer. Offensive defenseman with good speed and even better puck moves. Future PP QB. Does not have ideal size, will need to add weight.
32 Klim Kostin W 6'3 212 L 19 San Antonio (AHL) 70 Can carry defenders around the ice with his power and balance, or stickhandle around them with a deke or two as he goes to the net. He is a smooth skater with a deep knee bend that produces a long, powerful stride and he can generate speed with very few strides,
33 Shane Bowers C 6'2 187 L 19 Boston University (NCAA) 70 Nothing fancy, but he's a workhorse and is very effective around the net. He reads plays well and is very effective on rebounds, often positioned at the right position in front of the net to finish off plays. 
34 Caleb Jones D 6'1 205 L 19 Edmonton (NHL) 70 A versatile two-way defenseman that can fill many different roles and team needs in certain situations due to his workmanlike approach to his position. Possesses a tireless motor and is aggressive on the blue-line. Physicality and board battles are the anchors that hold his game together. Works hard in all situations and is a step ahead in problem solving. Exhibits good mobility, a quick, accurate shot from the point, and an active stick. All-in-all, a heads-up defenseman who plays a solid, smart all-around game. (Curtis Joe, EP 2015) 
35 Warren Foegele LW 6'2 190 L 19 Carolina (NHL) 70 High riser may find his way into the FNHL 1st Round. Foegele is a speedy late bloomer who has the skills to become a dangerous scorer and forechecker. Projects as a Top-6 with size.
36 Joonas Korpisalo G 6'3 182 R 19 Columbus (NHL) 70 Korpisalo is a tall and athletic goalie. Covers the net well and able to move smoothly laterally. Has played well and improved steadily in Finnish leagues, but his consistency on higher levels is yet to be tested. Some scouts think he may be a better prospect than Oettinger, and will push for a Round 1 grade.
37 Drake Batherson C 6'1 187 R 19 Belleville (AHL) 69 Another late-riser that could push his away into the 20s of the draft. “He’s just growing into his body - he's like a new car, he doesn't know all his options." High upside pick.
38 Adam Fox D 5'11 181 R 19 Harvard (NCAA) 69 Fox is a good skater who looks far more graceful in confined spaces than he does in open ice. His lateral movement and edge work are excellent — his twirls and pirouettes are strikingly similar to the way Ottawa star defender Erik Karlsson controlled his puck movement while playing for Team Sweden in his pre-draft years. Must get stronger. 
39 Devon Toews D 6'1 192 L 19 NY Islanders (NHL) 69 Toews is a bit of a late bloomer and is a slightly undersized by NHL standards but plays bigger than his size. He has a great stick and uses positioning to keep opponents in check. Toews is still developing his overall game and is a character player. He provides play-making from the blueline and his offensive numbers in junior hockey suggest his production could increase as he matures at the NCAA level.
40 Ethan Bear D 5'11 209 R 19 Edmonton (NHL) 69 Bear is a short but compact skating defender who can move the puck. A playmaker who can generate scoring chances, he can also get the puck to the net from the point. Despite his lack of stature he has the stamina to play a lot of minutes on a nightly basis. He does not run around looking for hits but does not shy away from contact and will use his body when necessary.
41 Ian Mitchell D 5'11 174 R 19 U. Denver (NCAA) 69 Mitchell is still a few years away from being ready for pro hockey. He’ll need to get stronger, and some time spent honing his craft on the power play will be beneficial. But he has potential as a very good second pairing defenseman at the NHL level that is capable of playing a lot of minutes, 
42 Adam Gaudette C 6'1 183 R 19 Utica (AHL) 69 An all-around forward that loves to compete and can play multiple roles. Strong and fast on his skates and is hard to knock off the puck. Likes to go hard to the net, where time and space is reduced. Offensively, there is a lot of flare to his game as he doesn't give the opposition a lot of time to react; gets shots off quickly and thinks ahead when making plays. Doesn't shy away from the physical game either and looks for different kinds of opportunities to create energy. Responsible defensively and transitions up-ice quickly. Gaudette is the kind of player that can be a difference-maker in a game in multiple ways. [EP] 
43 Collin Delia G 6'2 201 R 19 Chicago (NHL) 69 Quintessential late-bloomer, Dellia's skills emerged into his third year of college at Merrimack. Very composed. Good glove, quick post-to-post. Could be groomed as a future #1.
44 Aleksi Heponiemi C 5'11 154 L 19 Karpat (FIN) 69 A highly-skilled forward who plays with a lot of speed and skill…uses his speed to jet down the wing and beat defenders along the outside, He is dynamic and can create space for himself and his teammates because he makes quick decisions and has tremendous foot speed,
45 Troy Terry C 6'1 174 R 19 Anaheim (NHL) 69 Terry is a long-range project who will likely use most of his NCAA eligibility at Denver before being ready for professional hockey. An undersized forward who skates well, he has solid stick skills but is still working to refine his game. Making the jump directly from the USA National Team Development Program to college hockey as an 18-year-old, he has played a regular role for the Pioneers. Troy has been sound in a lower line role while chipping in at times offensively.
46 Dylan Samberg D 6'4 223 L 19 Minnesota-Duluth (NCAA) 69 Strong skating two-way defenseman, very mobile with the puck. Pro-ready size will accelerate his ETA. If he's drafted by the right team, could make the pro team out of camp.
47 Dylan Sikura C 5'11 159 L 19 Rockford (AHL) 69 Sikura is an undersized but skilled forward who was a big point producer in Junior A hockey. He can play both wing and center but will need added bulk and consistency to both see more ice time at Northeastern and eventually make the jump to the professional level.
48 Jaret Anderson-Dolan C 5'11 196 L 19 Spokane (WHL) 68 Heart-and-soul player, max effort, all hustle. Attacks from the defensive side, can be relief on in both zones. Very quick. Safe pick.
49 Nic Hague D 6'6 214 L 19 Chicago (AHL) 68 Is physical and will give that extra shot to his opponent to leave a mark and an impression for the next time, Hague is a rangy, two-way defenseman with imposing size and unpolished skating abilities. He utilizes his frame and reach to his advantage.
50 Patrick Harper C 5'7 150 L 19 Boston University (NCAA) 68 Following the smaller forward trend. He has high-end skill and even better offensive IQ. There are shifts during the season where he can seemingly go through three defenders and then make a ridiculous pass to set up a chance. He has all the skill to be a legitimate scorer at the pro level.
51 Brendan Guhle D 6'2 196 L 19 Rochester (AHL) 68 A heads-up defenseman who can really take a beating and dish it out as well. Built like a tank; grueling play doesn't phase him. Calm, collected, and poised with the puck; great body and stick positioning without the puck. Reliable at both ends of the ice and can be trusted with a hefty amount of ice time. All-in-all, a defenseman who strives to be difficult to play against, consistently, with and without the puck. (Curtis Joe, EP 2015)
52 Lukas Bengtsson D 5'10 172 R 19 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (AHL) 68 Bengtsson is a defenseman who stands out with his terrific skating ability and offensive instincts. Owns excellent acceleration and agility, allowing him to rush the puck up the ice. Of below-average size, he still protects the puck well when skating. Manning the point on the powerplay, he has a great one-timer and quick decision-making ability. Always gets back defensively, but could certainly improve his overall game, given his hockey smarts.
53 Zach Aston-Reese LW 6'0 204 L 19 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (AHL) 68 Plays a straight-line, up-and-down game and can line up at either wing position. His strong lower base helps him win a fair number of board battles. Can produce solid offensive numbers, too. Will find a regular spot in someone's lineup.
54 Garret Sparks G 6'2 201 R 19 Toronto (NHL) 68 Big, top-tier AHL goalie with eccentric style and potential to become a dependable FNHL 1B. Will need to work on his conditioning and durability.
55 David Rittich G 6'4 203 R 19 Calgary (NHL) 68 Excellent size. Will be out to prove he can consistently win as a starter. Likely needs 3 years of development, but could be the first goalie taken in this class.
56 Alex Formenton LW 6'2 185 L 19 London (OHL) 67 Elite speed, He has an excellent first step, very good acceleration, and his top-end speed is amongst the best in this draft class. He can absolutely fly out there. Formenton also has very good edge work. He can change directions quickly, and turns on a dime. Formenton could improve his lower body strength though. 
57 Marcus Davidsson C 6'0 192 L 19 Djurgardens (SHL) 67 A very competitive two-way player. Davidsson has quick feet and good hockey sense. Reliable defensively and a player that can be used on the man advantage as well as in short handed situations. Team player with decent offensive skills. Good hockey IQ and defensive ability makes him a PK candidate.
58 Jonathan Davidsson RW 5'11 185 R 19 Djurgardens (SHL) 67 Brother of Marcus (ranked 55), he processes the game quickly and makes decisions quickly. Possesses good vision when passing the puck and leads teammates up ice on the rush
59 Vitaly Abramov W 5'9 172 R 19 Cleveland (AHL) 67 Undersized but very talented winger. Good speed, very shifty. Upside to become a very productive top-six player in the FNHL. Will be best to have 3+ farm years to maximize his offensive toolbox.
60 Dominik Simon LW 5'11 190 L 19 Wilkes-Barre/Scranton (AHL) 67 Simon is an undersized, but crafty offensive forward with a willingness to go to hard areas to score goals. He is a work in progress in the other areas of the game such as positional play and defending and continues to work to adapt to the smaller ice surfaces in North America.
61 Alexandar Georgiev G 6'1 181 L 19 Hartford (AHL) 67 Calm, poised, technically very strong. Has all the tools to emerge into a #1, but has never had a full season workload. Will need to be brought along slowly, but the tools are there.
62 Alexandre Texier C 6'1 194 L 19 KalPa (Liiga) 67 Alexandre has very good puck skills and he can stickhandle in and out of traffic both when weaving in the offensive zone and at top speed. Attacks players head on, using his hands and jump to challenge them..nice snap on his mid-range shot..skilled forward with quality motor.
63 Anders Bjork LW 6'0 186 L 19 Providence (AHL) 67 Smooth skater. Bjork is strong on both ends of the ice and has above average offensive skills and an ability to read the play. While not as big as many of the young forward prospects of his age group.
64 Cal Petersen G 6'1 183 R 19 Ontario (OHL) 67 Petersen is a quick, athletic goalie who models his game after Tuukka Rask. He does not get scored on often down low because of his quick feet. He control’s rebounds well and catches with his right hand, which poses a challenge to shooters. His focus and stamina are both very good.
65 Rem Pitlick C 5'11 202 L 19 U. Minnesota (NCAA) 67 Great speed and offensive creativity. Not the best finisher. Pitlick has the tools to fill a middle-six role in the FNHL. A safe pick with some upside, but likely a 3C down the line.
66 Rudolfs Balcers LW 5'11 174 L 19 San Jose (AHL) 67 Balcers is a raw long-term project. He has blazing speed, above average to excellent hands, a good slap shot, and an even better wrist shot; with a no-quit motor that rivals that of countryman Zemgus Girgensons of the Buffalo Sabres. He needs to get stronger and add more structure to his development but has the elements of an effective power forward.
67 Yegor Rykov D 6'2 205 L 19 St. Petersburg (KHL) 67 Promising, sizable blueliner with leadership qualities and a good 2-way game that needs some seasoning. A bit of an enigma, some scouts think he's a Top 4, others won't put him in their Top 60.
68 Kirill Maximov D 6'2 193 R 19 Niagara (OHL) 66 Maksimov is an underrated prospect with strong playmaking skills. First of all, his speed makes him a factor even when he doesn’t score. His talent on the forecheck is also an attribute to watch. It seems like he’s learning to work with his size, and he can bulk up to become a stronger force on the ice.
69 Joey Anderson RW 5'11 195 R 19 Minnesota-Duluth (NCHC) 66 Shows promise as a supporting winger with good instincts who can do a bit of everything. Quickness will get him to the league, but will need to find the net more if he's going to stick. A project forward.
70 Connor Hobbs D 6'1 197 R 19 Hershey (AHL) 66 Hobbs is a bit of a project at the moment. He has decent size and plays with a mean streak. Hobbs likes the physical game and has been known to drop the gloves to defend a teammate when the situation calls for it. He also has a hard shot and a very raw offensive game,
71 Dryden Hunt LW 6'0 201 L 19 Springfield (AHL) 66 Hunt was signed by Florida after scoring 58 goals for the Moose Jaw Warriors as a 20-year-old. The WHL's leading scorer and Player of the Year, he has a well-rounded game and can score or create chances for teammates in myriad ways. As with many overage scorers who put up big numbers in junior hockey but were never drafted, the supplementary areas of his game are still developing.
72 Noah Rod RW 6'0 192 L 19 Geneve (SWI) 66 Rod is a feisty forward with some offensive instincts and the ability to get under the opposition’s skin. He does not have the pure technical and skating skills of some of the other young prospects from Switzerland and will likely need to add strength and bulk to his frame to play his game at the NHL level. But his combination of skill, drive, and truculence — plus the fact that he’s willing to do anything to help his team win — suggest some upside.
73 Mathieu Joseph RW 6'1 183 L 19 Syracuse (AHL) 66 Joseph is a lanky winger who isn’t afraid to mix it up physically. He has a knack for getting under the opposition’s skin, but don’t discount his offense. 
74 Scott Fraser G 6'3 220 L 19 Rimouski (QMJHL) 66 The man needs no bio. Has shown the ability to play above his head in the big moment. Lacks experience, will have minimal durability attributes, but if you're taking a flier on a goalie that has heart, Fraser will be your guy.
75 Carson Soucy D 6'4 210 L 19 Iowa (AHL) 66 Soucy is a good athlete with a tall and lanky frame. He has decent mobility and some ability to make plays with an offensive set of skills that have begun to emerge in his second season at Minnesota-Duluth. Projects as a defensive defenseman.
76 Beck Malenstyn LW 6'2 202 L 19 Swift Current (WHL) 65 Malenstyn is a hard worker that uses his strong frame. He fights through contact to make plays offensively and finishes all of his checks defensively. He's not going to get out-worked and out-muscled by anybody. He battles along the boards and in front of the net. Strong defensively, a safe pick - with a ceiling.
77 Charlie Lindgren G 6'1 183 L 19 Laval (AHL) 65 A butterfly-goaltender, who reads the play well and does an excellent job staying square to the puck. Charlie Lindgren has a nice combination of size and agility, as he is quick on his skates to get into position and plays the angles well. The right-catching goalie recovers quickly and never gives up on a shot. Has a very good glove and doesn’t allow many 2nd chances, as he controls his rebounds well. Battles for the puck, makes timely saves and has the ability to give his team a confidence-boost.
78 Alex Barre-Boulet C 5'10 170 L 19 Syracuse (AHL) 65 The small, shifty winger has lived up to that billing so far this year in Syracuse. His offensive game has translated well to the AHL level, tallying five points in seven games played. His skill enables him to gain space in the offensive zone and he takes advantage of it. Like most highly skilled players who are looked over at the draft, he needs to continue to work on his defensive game. 
79 Andrew Poturalski C 5'10 190 R 19 Charlotte (AHL) 65 A center with good speed and awareness. Physical game will need some work to succeed as a pro, but has excellent offensive ability.
80 Vinni Lettieri RW 5'11 194 R 19 Hartford (AHL) 65 Developed late, and some scouts think his nose for the net will get him into the league. A bit undersized, but solid skater that works the boards. 
81 Joel L'Esperance C 6'2 201 R 19 Texas (AHL) 65 Not many players come out of Michigan Tech. He has size - and more importantly, a stat line that is getting some attention. Very raw, but could be a sneaky pick in Round 3.
82 John Gilmour D 6'0 195 L 19 Hartford (AHL) 65 Blazing speed covers up his raw defensive traits. May be better suited to play wing; finds himself out of position on the backline. Excels on the PP with good skill - could stick as an offensive specialist. 
83 Calle Rosen D 6'1 195 L 19 Toronto (AHL) 65 2nd-pairing upside, good puck-moving skills. Likely doesn't possess the defensive awareness to make him a Top 4, but will find a home as an offensive guy.
84 Mitch Reinke D 5'11 181 R 19 San Antonio (AHL) 65 Came up through the US system. A bit undersized, but has good hockey sense and vision - Good first pass, responsible on both ends of the ice. Projects as a future 3rd line defenseman
85 Kurtis MacDermaid D 6'5 208 L 19 Ontario (AHL) 65 MacDermid is the son of former NHL right wing Paul MacDermid and like his father relishes the physical aspects of the game and is a wiling combatant when the situation presents itself. He is a big, no nonsense, punishing defenseman. MacDermid likes to take the body and drop the gloves in defense of his teammates and to get the energy going. He has limited offensive upside — though he has shown some playmaking ability since joining the high-flying Otters. Overall, he relies primarily on his defensive play and physicality.
86 Sean Day D 6'3 221 L 19 Hartford (AHL) 64 A mobile two-way defenceman who boasts an elite level skill package. Strong on the forecheck and delivers hard shots and crisp passes. His consistency and enthusiasm exhibited at the game's defining moments does seem to wane, and the pressure felt seems to impact his decision-making slightly. When focusing on simplifying his game and getting all the little things right, he becomes a forceful impact that is hungry to be a difference maker. All-in-all, a talented two-way defenceman who has all of the raw abilities in place to become an elite defenceman, but has yet to put it all together and prove that he can thrive in the driver's seat
87 Joseph Woll G 6'4 203 R 19 Boston College (NCAA) 64 Goalies are the most difficult to project - and Woll is another that scouts are not in unsion on. Some will compare him to Thatcher Demko, others don't think he's quick enough for the next level. Someone will take a flier.
88 Landon Bow G 6'5 210 R 19 Texas (AHL) 64 Rumored to be a huge fan of 'Friday Night Lights' - has projectable size and has proven himself capable in the WHL with Swift Current. What else do you need? Texas Forever.
89 Evan McEneny D 6'3 221 L 19 Utica (AHL) 64 McEneny is a big defenseman with strong two-way skills. He is effective at moving the puck out of the defensive zone and joining in on the rush in transition. Slowed by injuries early in his junior career, he has made steady progress and is gradually developing into a sound player in all three zones.
90 Brandon Baddock LW 6'3 215 R 19 Binghamton (AHL) 64 Strength and toughness are his calling cards and he uses them quite well. With his 6-4, 205 pound frame, he has the edge in puck battles along the boards. He will be known more for his fists than his scoring touch in the pros.
91 Dan Renouf D 6'3 210 L 19 Charlotte (AHL) 64 Renouf is a big, skating defenseman with some offensive elements to his game. He showed steady progress in rounding out his overall game during his college career at the University of Maine 
92 Pavel Francouz G 6'0 170 R 19 Colorado (AHL) 63 Quite possibly our 'Mr. Irrelevant' of this FNHL Draft Class. Francouz has no relation to Jeff Francoeur (but good question, Skylar). If you're looking for a future Todd Ford, drop some stock in Francouz.