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Revenue Sharing

By Adam Harris

Part 1: The league minimum revenue per game is now $1.3 million. Teams will be gifted money at the end of the season that will make up the difference, if their team earned less avg. revenue / game.

example: A team finishes the season with $1,200,000 million average revenue on the current finances page will receive $100,000*41 home games. $4,100,000.

Part 2: Participation award will be boosted based on your team's average revenue. Starting from 30th place (x2.0) down .05 each position until 11th place's participation is multiplied by 1.05

example: A team earns $10M in participation and has the worst average revenue in the league. They get paid $20M for their season. A 23rd ranked revenue team with $10M in participation would be boosted to $16.5 (10*1.65).

Combined, these changes will keep the sim from sucking the money out of franchises with not enough 80ov players, and allow teams at the bottom to not fall as far behind financially.  This year, in regular season earnings alone the spread was $50,000,000. This model shrinks that gap to $32,000,000. 

Part 3: 

As this is a major get for the 'small markets', it's only fair the package comes with a bone for the top markets. Since our sim's revenue is rather fixed without changing its settings, there isn't much justification to changing our salary cap, except now there is "new revenue" coming to the league, so the salary cap for this upcoming season will become an even $70,000,000.  

7/3/2020 - 246 words

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