Simple Finances Recommendation

The Nashville Predator Organization submits the following proposal:

All teams are awarded $33.850 million on the first day of the season. This amount covers the pro expenses for road games, assuming a team plays at a $67.7 million salary cap figure. If a team plays at a lesser cap they will pocket the cash. IE a team with a $50mil pro salary will pocket $8.85m.

Since no team earned less than $825,000 per game ($67.7/82 game) for their home games, every team will earn money over the course of the season. How much is dependent on ticket price, team quality, etc. this ensures that while the worse teams are financially covered, there is still benefit for the better teams to earn more as market rates would suggest.

$60 million will be distributed across the league every four weeks. The cash will be divided proportionally based on weekly participation points. Effectively with max participation from all teams, each franchise would get $2 million every month - and there is transparency that lack of participation will only serve to benefit the other teams.

Every line change or “no line change” is worth one point.
Every short, team-specific article is worth three points.
Every comprehensive league-wide article is worth seven points.

A weekly maximum of 15 points can be earned.

Teams have five ways to spend cash:

-Buy more seats
-Offseason player workouts
-Signing bonus
-medical recovery

Posted: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

By: Adam Harris

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