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Historical Signing in Cowtown

Flames sign Roman Polak to historic deal

Calgary (AP) - The Calgary Flames announced this morning that they have signed restricted free agent defenseman, Roman Polak to a historic 8-year deal worth $58 million. While the amount of the deal is not historic, it's the fact that to sign the restricted free agent, the Flames had to give up four future first-round draft choices to the rights-holding Washington Capitals.

This level of compensation has never been awarded before in the 24-year history of the FNHL.

Details of the deal were also released as the contract features back-loaded salary increases throughout the term. Year one, the Flames will pay Polak $6 million, then they will pay him $8 million in years two and three. For the remainder of the deal, the Flames will pay the veteran defenseman a whopping $9 million a season.

"Roman brings a fascinating mix of talent that we were obviously very interested in bringing to Calgary. He has tremendous mobility coupled with a very strong physical game. On top of that, he is a very disciplined player, which is uncommon for players of his talent." said GM Nagle

"We aren't expecting him to be an offensive presence, but with his skill set, we obviously believe he will be a foundational player for many years to come. At the age of 28, he still has a lot of miles left in him and with our other younger players, he will easily slide in as one of our core assets." added the GM.

With the signing of Polak, the Flames have virtually removed themselves from any other big free agent moves. With their salary cap near full, the new-look roster is primed and ready to make a significant impact on the Western Conference and should enter into the contender conversation. With the additions of Jeff Skinner, Jack Johnson, Nathan MacKinnon and Malcolm Subban and now Roman Polak, the Flames are a team seeking one goal: The FNHL Cup

"To make a bold goal, you must make a bold move. Today, we made that move. Get ready Calgary, it's go time!"

Posted: Tuesday, March 12, 2019

By: Jeff Nagle

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