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A Game of 1st's - Part 1

Making sense of the past.

This is going to be a long article, and requires some fairly time consuming research so I am going to split into 3 parts over the next few days:

How significant are 1st round draft picks in this game? I don't know. In fact, I am not even going to try to answer that here. I am just going to present some data (Thanks Jeff!) and leave it to you to draw your own conclusions - well I might draw some myself.

I looked at the last 100 1st round picks traded and am ranking teams based on there activity on this front. A couple of ground rules.

1. I ignored trades where 1st's where traded for other 1st's
2. 1st's that changed hands due to RFA signings are not accounted for in the movement data, but of course is included when I reference what picks teams currently have.


30. New York Islanders (0-0 6 current) 0 picks traded, currently own all 6 future 1st's

Not even sure if Jeff Reardon is a real person anymore or a figment of Dave Broche's imagination.

29. St. Louis Blues (0-1 6 current)1 1st traded, none received

The previous GM wasn't very active other then a short window, but they have a new GM who early indications point to more activity. I would expect to see them move out of this spot in the near future.

28. Colorado Avalanche (1-0 5 current) 1 received.

Do they even have a GM? Who signs Jordan Schroeder's cheque each month?

27. Tampa Bay Lightning (0-1 4 current) 1 traded

Tampa typically aren't a team that are involved in a lot of transactions. Reasonable considering their GM has another job that takes a lot of his time.

26. Detroit Red Wings (1-0 7 current) 1 received

This is another team that has gone long stretches over the past few years without a lot of GM activity. GM Hetherington has been fairly active since joining so we can also expect them to potentially transact more picks.

25. Los Angeles Kings (0-2 3 current) traded 2 1st's

GM Duane Goetz typically doesn't make a ton of moves and lately none at all.

24. Washington Capitals (2-0 6 current) received 2 first's

I would classify Moreno more of methodical trader then most so tends to make less trades, and less with his picks especially.


23. Carolina Hurricane (1-2 3 current) Received 1 first, traded 2

David Drinkill is a lot like Moreno actually, both GM's tend to be more patient in their process, but Drinkill has shown a little more tendency to make a big move lately and give up a bit of his team's future.

22. Edmonton Oilers (1-3 3 Current) Received 1 first, traded 3

The Oilers under John van Teunenbroek has pretty rapidly transformed from rebuilding team to contender, and as such JvT has shown a tendency lately to splash his 1st's to get key pieces for his team now.

21. Pittsburgh Penguins (5-7 3 current) 5 received, 7 traded

I'm convinced that Peter Martin must get bored really easily because he can't seem to keep picks (nor players) for very long. He's even rumored to already moved this year's 1st overall pick before he's even selected him! Despite the appearance of chaos, year after year Pittsburgh seems to be able to contend. I can't pretend to understand it, but can't deny it's effective.

20. Winnipeg Jets (16-19 1 current) 15 received, 9 traded

Skylar Barth has even out chaos'ed Pete Martin, by somehow acquiring 16 1sts, trading 19 and still end up with only 1 future! There is also a stunning amount of trades in which 1st's went back and forth (this was the only team I accounted for that in the summary just because of how common it was with Winnipeg.) The Jets made great strides last year despite a lot of GM's being critical of Skylar, so it will be very interesting to see how this season pans out because the future cupboard is empty.

PART 2 coming soon.

Posted: Thursday, February 21, 2019

By: Steve Jelliman

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